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The company was founded in 2017 to offer different dental CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) services. 
Company´s  goal is to be its clients best partner by offering service that is modern and precise. With that we fill out the end-user´s wish to get a high-quality, long-lasting product.
The company values the knowledge of dental technology, therefore Mill-IT appreciates owning and acquisition of the dental technician specialty in its employees. 
Company´s  vision is to crow into a leading dental CAD/CAM center in Estonia and to be an innovative and flexible service provider both in Estonia and in Europe.
Company´s future trends are involving the growth of the machine park, product groups and selection of millable materials. 
2017 –             Mill-IT OÜ, CAD/CAM technician, member of the board
2015 –             Estonian Dental Technicians Guild, member of the board
2013 – 2017    Kaarli Dental Clinic, dental technician
2009 – 2014    Mentor for dental technician students
2009 – 2010    Tallinn Health Care College, lecturer
2006 – 2013    CityMed AS, dental technician
René Kaur
Has finished Tallinn Health Care College in 2009. Has worked professionally since 2006. Has specialized in fixed restorations on teeth and implants. Has been in touch with different CAM/CAM systems since the year 2007. Graduation thesis at Tallinn Health Care College was about comparing different CAD/CAM systems that were used in Estonia. Has MBA grade from TalTech University. Graduation thesis was to identify B2B cooperation bottlenecks between dentists and dental technicians.
Professional training from Austria, Belgium, Estonia, England, Latvija, Germany and Finland. Training for different CAD/CAM systems from Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Lithuania. Previously has been in touch with Nobel Procera, Degudent Cercon, Cerec Inlab, Kavo Everest, Amann Girrbach and Nobil Metal CAD/CAM systems.
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